Tuscany by driving our vintage cars is a very special experience in a very unique region

A region famous all over the world for its historical cities, art masterpieces, ancient villages, picturesque corners, natural richness from mountains to seaside, variety of food and wine excellences, and so many places where to slow down and enjoy a special time of living and travelling. A countryside famous for its gentle hills, olive trees, […]


Florence is an unforgettable experience for the visitors, coming from all over the world every year to this wonderful city, that houses so many art masterpieces, and amazing examples of architecture from  the Romanic, to the Gothic, to the Renaissance styles and periods. If you are an art passionate, you will walk in the city […]


Siena sits over three hills and is one of the most famous and visited cities in the world. Its historical center, that guarded in the centuries an unitary and harmonious architecture, with medieval buildings and their facades in red bricks, the beautiful Piazza del Campo shelter shaped, one of the special place for which the city […]


Chianti is such a rich territory with its castles, villas, hills, valleys, towns and small villages, to be suggested to and enjoyed by every traveller. Rural and urban architecture, boroughs, historical palazzo, churches, Gothic or country parish or lovely Romanesque ones, delightfull hamlets, are on the way  all the time for the vintage car traveller […]

Torino hill and Monferrato

Discover Torino’s hill and the more evocative fine views, admiring the city skyline.


Discover Canavese territory, rich of historical and natural beauties, the Agliè Ducal Castle.

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