Florence is an unforgettable experience for the visitors, coming from all over the world every year to this wonderful city, that houses so many art masterpieces, and amazing examples of architecture from  the Romanic, to the Gothic, to the Renaissance styles and periods.

If you are an art passionate, you will walk in the city like being in an open living art history book. 

Some Florence museums are worldwide famous, the Galleria of Uffizi with admirable paintings and scultures, some of them almost icons such as Spring by Botticelli or his The Birth of Venus , Annunciation by Leonardo; the Galleria of Accademia with the David and the Prisoners  by Michelangelo; the Galleria Palatina with many extraordinary works of art, painting, sculpture, jewelry, and the beautiful garden of Boboli; Bargello National Museum, with Renaissance sculptures; Museum of San Marco with Beato Angelico paintings and frescoes.

Florence offers so many lovely places, its bridges over Arno river, the very famous Ponte Vecchio, graceful streets, beautiful buildings and amazing churches, the Duomo cathedral with the extraordinary Dome by Brunelleschi, Santa Maria Novella, Santa Croce, San Miniato and many others. 

Some breathtaking views from the hills such as the one from Piazzale Michelangelo, or on the other side from Fiesole, or in Settignano, all this widespread beauty, 

will fill your gaze.

Florence is a dream city where you can walk for days and discover things at every corner, small and big treasures, a city sorrounded by smooth hills, where you could take delightful rides  driving our vintage cars and reaching small towns all around.

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