Siena sits over three hills and is one of the most famous and visited cities in the world. Its historical center, that guarded in the centuries an unitary and harmonious architecture, with medieval buildings and their facades in red bricks, the beautiful Piazza del Campo shelter shaped, one of the special place for which the city is considered by UNESCO a “perfect and ideal example of medieval city”, are a treasure in Tuscany to be seen.

This fan shaped Piazza, with its Palazzo Pubblico and Torre del Mangia, has been for centuries the location where the Palio horse race has been played.

The city has been divided at the end of XII and beginning of XIII century in Contrade, districts around the central Piazza del Campo, within the walls of the medieval city.  Nowdays they are 17 Contrade, the quarters of the city, and they are allies or rivals in the Palio race.

Siena has one of the oldest University of Studies in Italy and in Europe, founded in 1240 with the Schools of Medicine and Law, have nowdays 15.000 students registered.


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