Driving our vintage car through hills and valleys, you will reach the capital of Umbria region, Perugia.

Perugia is a cosmopolitan city not only for tourists but also for the Umbria Jazz festival held every year, for the Eurochocolate festival, for its famous University for foreigners, one of the oldest in Italy.

The pristine center of town in the upper part of Perugia, is sorrounded by defensive walls, and offers to your promenade stone houses, medieval buildings, alleys, squares, arches, and some corners with an amazing view over the sorrounding mountains.

Coming to the very center in Piazza IV Novembre, you will see the gothic cathedral and the beautiful medieval Fontana Maggiore by the famous sculptor Nicolò Pisano.

From its etruscan origins, having being later a roman town, after the fall of Roman Empire was invaded by Barbarians. Under the Byzantines became a strategic defensive place. The history of Perugia runs from century to century till nowdays.

It is divided in two, the antique upper part and the modern lower part.

The town maintains in the upper part, an intimate special atmosphere, not every touristic art cities could preserve.

In Palazzo dei Priori a very important art gallery Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria  is housed. In 40 rooms, with more than three thousands works, from Byzantin style paintings to Gothic, to Renaissance, you would admire also some masterpieces by Pinturicchio and Perugino and Gentile da Fabriano.

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