We are now driving toward this medieval town that lyies at the feet of Monte Ingino, that can be climbed with the Colle Eletto cable car to enjoy a nice view of the town and the Appenini Mountains, and visit the Basilica of Sant’Ubaldo.

Gubbio has very antique historical roots going backward to the Bronze Age, with the Umbri population, that occupied this area before roman period, whose existance was recognized with the coming to light of the famous 7 Tavole Eugubine, the most important document of the preroman period in Italy, that are conserved in the Gubbio’s Museo Civico in Palazzo dei Consoli.

Come to visit some later roman architectural remains such as the open air

Roman Theather built in 1st century BC.

Gubbio has been also called “city of stone” because of the many buildings in grey stone.

Walk in the alleys, narrow streets, over flight of steps, to the Duomo Cathedral, built in 12th century, or to Piazza Grande, one of the more interesting medieval  urbanistic space, almost a terrace overlooking the country sorrounding the town, with the crenellated Palazzo dei Consoli.


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