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“Amalfi Coast, a wonderful honeymoon accompanied by a splendid classic car.”

Classic Car Hire Rental Ravello

Ravello is situated about 5 km from Amalfi, up on the mountain overlooking the coast from Maiori to Amalfi.
Ravello was founded in the VI century A.D., and reached the peak of its splendor in the X and XI century, then shared the same fate of Amalfi Republic, even though Ravello obtained the independence from Amalfi, in the XI century, when Amalfi was in a war against Guiscardo.
The Church dedicated to San Pantaleone was built in the XI century, by the Bishop Orso Pavico. The entrance doors are similar to those of Amalfi, in bronze, made in Constantinopoli in the XII century. The church also features a museum, where several historic details of the past are kept.
Not to miss: The marble creation of Niccolò di Bartolomeo from Foggia of the XIII century and the XII century representation, with mosaic decoration, of Giona eaten by Pistrice. The Church of S. Giovanni del Toro, was built at the end of X century; we can see an "ambone" from XII century and a wooden "Crocifisso" from the XV century.

Places to visit:
The Villa Rufolo, from the XII century, built by the Rufolo's family and Villa Cimbrone, are two sites not to be missed for their splendor and their decorations. Both villas have an amazingly beautiful garden to visit.
From Villa Cimbrone, you can admire one of the best panoramic views of Italy, on all the Amalfi Coast, and on on the Coast of Cilento. Not to miss: the annual musical events and concerts at Villa Rufolo.

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