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“Amalfi Coast, a wonderful honeymoon accompanied by a splendid classic car.”

Classic Car Hire Rental Amalfi

Amalfi, with its wonderful views, is the main town of the Amalfi coast. White houses cling onto the rocks opposite the Saint Andrew Cathedral, and the main square which is also the town centre.
Amalfi is made of alleys, and steps, it is 57 steps to get in the Cathedral of St. Andrew. On the right side of the Cathedral, we find the church tower (from the XII century), and the "chiostro del Paradiso" and "chiesa del Crocifisso". These places tell visitors about the history of ancient Amalfi and of the curch. A great view can be enjoyed from the "Atrium" of the Cathedral, showing little alleys and hidden corners of Amalfi.

Places to visit:
Many streets lead to small squares, where people used to sell their merchandise. Through one of this street we discover Piazza dei Dogi, still called "Piazza dei Ferrari", because blacksmiths shops were there. From here you can reach the seaside, and you can find the entrance of the "Antichi Arsenali". The Vagliendola area is also interesting, with its tower houses climbing up the hill. You can walk on to the Hotel dei Cappuccini, which was a monastery (called San Pietro della Canonica) founded in the XIII century.
From Piazza dei Dogi we get to Piazza dello Spirito Santo. This was the last square inside the ancient walls of Amalfi. Through the northern gate instead we get to "Valle dei Mulini". Here, we find the Paper Museum, with its old machines, called “ingegni”, that used to produce paper. The last paper mill, that belonged to the Amatruda family and still produce the Amalfi paper, is here too.
Near the "Cartiera Amatruda", there is the Museo dell'Agricoltura, where we can see ancient machines and various instruments of the last four centuries. These intruments were used for centuries by amalphitain farmers to produce the famous lemons called “sfusato amalfitano ”.
Who wants to hike can start from here and walk up through the Valle delle Ferriere, where you’ll find the natural reserve by the same name, featuring some rarer plants such as the Woodwardia Radicans. Along the way, you'll find many paper-mills ruins.

Coming back to the seaside, you can see many old buildings. The monastery of "S.Benedetto", residence of the Amalfi’s Municipality and the Museo Civico. In this museumyou can see the “Tabula de Amalpha”, the "Foscariniano Code", and some ancient nautical instruments.

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